5 Best Book Publishers Based in the USA

Writing a book has never been easy, no matter how poetic it sounds. It involves writing fiction or non-fiction in a fresh and engaging way. However, before the manuscript finally makes it to print, there are hurdles that need to be crossed. For this, first-time writers require all the support that they can get.

This is when they reach out to a publisher. This is mostly done through a literary agent. There are many choices in publishers for writers in Texas. Here are some of the best:

1. Brown Books Publishing Group

Based in Dallas, USA Brown Books Publishing Group is a publisher with an experience of over two decades. This full service publisher offers all the assistance required for writers. Their services include digital services, planning, editing, book design and layout, ghostwriting, marketing, and distribution. With all these services, writers feel as if they’ve got complete control like self-publishing.

If you’re a first-time writer of business, self-help, motivation, Christian books, or children’s books, you should consider this publisher. Instead of taking over the entire creative process, they believe in collaborating with the writer. One thing to remember here is that this company accepts only some selected works of fiction for publication.

2. Henery Press Publishing

Henery Press Publishing has many years of publishing and media experience in the USA. Many of their books have managed to hit the bestseller list on USA Today. An important thing to remember is that they mainly publish mysteries. Another thing worth noting is that they’re not open to unsolicited submissions. Henry Press Publishing only considers works that are represented by a literary agent or referred by a published author.

3. Cinco Puntos Press

This publishing company is especially interested in works focused on the US-Mexico Border Region, Mexico, and the Southwestern Region. It was founded in 1985 by Bobby and Lee Byrd in El Paso. They’re writers themselves. This is why they understand what new writers wanting to publish their book have to go through.

The company doesn’t accept children’s picture books, book ideas, unfinished titles, poetry and manuscripts written entirely in Spanish. Their manuscript submission process is quite interesting. You need to call their acquisition editor to pitch your idea before submitting your manuscript. When they accept your idea, the manuscript submission process begins.

4. Bright Sky Publishing

Formerly called Bright Sky Press, this publisher is located in Houston. Bright Sky Publishing publishes nearly 20 books a year. They like to have authors with a clear creative, marketing, and business plan in mind while submitting their manuscript. As they’re a non-profit publisher, they offer only publishing services in all formats.

To assist you with designing and editing, they have a sister company called Rule 2 Books. The company accepts manuscripts across all genres of non-fiction and fiction. Currently, they’re not considering adult fiction.

5. Eakin Press

This publishing house was established in 1979 as a trade-book publisher by Edwin M. Eakin in Burnet. They began printing titles of fiction, folklore, and non-fiction by 1984 with close to 250 books in print. In 1983, the firm shifted to south-west Austin.

Three decades later, the firm became an imprint of the Wild Horse Media Group. This is the world’s largest publisher of the history and culture of Texas. Currently, the company doesn’t accept fiction and children’s books.

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