5 Most Popular Types of Book Clubs

Book clubs are among the best places for book lovers to satisfy their cravings for some good literature. So, if you truly admire books and love reading books, join a book club. You’ll be happy to come across like-minded people upon becoming a member. It will be the place where books and authors are regularly discussed.

Book clubs are also great for getting some excellent recommendations for the latest books and authors. You might get an opportunity to meet a few authors and discuss their books as well. Here are some of the immensely popular types of book clubs:

1. Traditional book club

This is a type of book club that has many individuals meeting in person at regular intervals. Usually, such meetings take place every month. The traditional book clubs can also be described as reading groups that meet to discuss a specific book. These gatherings are more personal, as the members get the chance to see each other often.

The popular places to host such reading groups are homes, cafes, bookstores, libraries, or restaurants. You’ll have more control over the choice of books as a member. At these book clubs, a list of suggested titles is prepared. Then, a title for each month is voted from the list.

Alternatively, a member of these groups can also take turns to suggest a book. However, the smaller size of such book clubs limit the views and perspectives that come up during discussions.

2. Library book clubs

Many of the public libraries host a book club, which involves regular discussions. They take place after the members have read the book. A librarian leads the discussion at such book clubs. Copies of the book are made available to check out for the meeting of the group. If the librarian is holding the discussion outside the facility, there are book discussion kits available.

Several copies of the book are available to be loaned out to a patron of the library. The lending period in this case is typically longer. The discussion kits also contain questions or a reading guide. No member of the group is forced to buy a copy of the book.

3. Online book club

In this age of the internet, online book clubs have flourished considerably. They are a type of online discussion forum or group. You can access such book clubs from the comfort of your home once you’re a member. However, they don’t offer the necessary ease during discussions.

4. Discount or commercial book clubs

They’re not reading groups and don’t usually involve discussions. You’ll come across such social aspects only in the traditional book clubs. In discount or commercial book clubs, you can purchase books regularly and at a discount. This is why such book clubs are quite popular. They work better with a certain genre of books. This is because when you know what to expect, you’ll commit to a set number of books every month.

5. Celebrity recommendations book clubs

Such book clubs are not exactly a reading group. They’re a list of recommendations that a celebrity or media personality puts forward. These are individuals whose opinions people respect. So, these book clubs don’t involve discussions of any sort. They’re just a way of obtaining a reading list.

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