7 Things You Come Across At Book Festivals

Most of the book festivals showcase and celebrate books from different authors and genres. They’re wonderful literary events that bring books, authors, and publishers to the readers. Such events also give authors the opportunity to promote their books to the audience.

Their readers also get the chance to engage with them at these events. Book festivals provide authors and publishing professionals a platform to bring new books to the readers. This helps the authors grow their fan base and increase book sales. Here are some of the things that you’ll come across at the book festivals:

1. Lots of books

Literary festivals or book festivals are the perfect venues for you to be surrounded by plenty of books. You get to explore all the different kinds of books for the entire day. There’s no one at the event to stop you from drooling over all those books. These events are literary heavens that you might’ve always wanted to be in.

2. Exotic venues

Such events are usually held at exotic locations that have a rich cultural history or some literary importance. It gives you the opportunity to explore some interesting places near the venue where the event is being held. You get to know the local culture and enjoy some delicious delicacies of the area. This makes your visit to the book festival truly unforgettable.

3. Book discussions

When you’re at a book festival, you have plenty of opportunities to discuss characters and plots of books. You might also get into long discussions while defending a book or a character that’s your favorite. Besides, you might also realize that the book you want to read is not as good as it was in your imagination.

4. Renowned authors

Some of the famous authors might be present at the literary festival you’re attending. This would be a great chance for you to interact with them. You can talk to them, get into discussions on their books, and even get some inside information. Above all, you can also take some selfies with them and proudly share the snaps with your friends.

5. Book discounts

There’s almost a guarantee of some fabulous discounts on books at the book festivals. You find it hard to resist yourself from shopping for books as you get some unbelievable discounts. Even if you’ve never been a shopaholic, this might be the event where you’ll become one!

6. A literary atmosphere

Book festivals are the events that people associated with the world of literature mostly attend. So, you’ll find yourself completely in a literary world while you’re at the event. You’ll have authors, publishers, booksellers, literary agents, and book lovers under one roof. What you hear the most at such events is about books in some way or the other.

7. Paperback and hardcover books

You might be one of the Gen Z who always use Kindle to read books. Well, the book festivals give you the opportunity to experience how paperback and hardcover books look and feel like. If you’ve read a paperback or a hardcover book long back, this will invoke a feeling of nostalgia. You’ll surely enjoy the scent of the paper and wouldn’t want to let go of the book.

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