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Guest Post & Giveaway: HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN


Richard Cox
Category: Techno Thriller / Science Fiction / Adventure
Publisher: Night Shade Books
Date of Publication: July 27, 2020
Number of Pages: 408 pages

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Both a frightening apocalyptic story set in the southern United States and a character-focused, deeply moving literary thriller.

What would happen if technology all over the world suddenly stopped working?

When a strange new star appears in the sky, human life instantly grinds to a halt. Across the world, anything and everything electronic stops working completely.

At first, the event seems like a bizarre miracle to Seth Black—it interrupts his suicide attempt and erases gambling debt that threatened to destroy his family. But when Seth and his wife, Natalie, realize the electricity isn't coming back on, that their food supplies won't last, they begin to wonder how they and their two sons will survive.

Meanwhile, screenwriter Thomas Phillips—an old friend of Natalie's—has just picked up Skylar Stover, star of his new movie, at the airport when his phone goes dead and planes begin to fall from the sky.

Thomas has just completed a script about a similar electromagnetic event that ended the world. Now, he's one of the few who recognizes what's happening and where it will lead.

When Thomas and Skylar decide to rescue Natalie and Seth, the unwilling group must attempt to survive together as the world falls apart. They try to hide in Thomas's home and avoid desperate neighbors, but fear they'll soon be roaming the streets with starving refugees and angry vigilantes intent on forming new governments. It's all they can do to hold on to each other and their humanity.

Yet all the while, unbeknownst to them, Aiden Christophera bitter and malignant man leveraging a crumbling society to live out his darkest, most amoral fantasiesis fighting to survive as well. And he's on a collision course with Thomas, Skylar, and the Black family. . .

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Are You Ready for the End of the World?

Or Are You the Walking Dead?

Guest Post by Richard Cox

Originally posted December 2019, to Medium.com

At 9:29 AM CT tomorrow, every unshielded electronic device on Earth stops working, including the microchips and transistors and power transformers that manage your vehicle and your home and the entire electrical grid.


You may be stranded on the highway or at work or at home. Your children may be at school, miles away, and now there’s no way to call them or reach them in a timely manner. Maybe they’re at Grandma’s house, who lives in the small town where you grew up, a six-hour drive away in your car that won’t start. At this point your kids might as well be on another continent.

Unless you’ve already prepared for such an event, you might be confused by what’s happened. You may not realize your fate is already sealed. Your first instinct may be to gather your family, even if it takes hours. You may rush to the grocery store, where you find an anxious mob of shoppers trying to buy food and supplies with debit and credit cards that would carry no value even if the self-checkout registers weren’t dark.


In minutes or hours, the perishables in your refrigerator will begin to spoil. The food in your pantry will survive longer, but not much, because you never bothered to supply yourself for months when grocery pickup was always minutes away.


Even if you carry cash and manage to load up on dry goods, your first visit to the store will probably be your last, because the trucks that deliver food to your local grocer are stuck on the highway somewhere. The aisles are ghostly, you can barely see anything, because grocery stores do not typically invest in windows. Most of the supplied light comes from candles that will soon be purchased or stolen.


Maybe worst of all, you’re not even sure what’s happened. Was it a military attack? A celestial event? Unless you own a battery-operated ham radio, unless it was shielded or runs on tubes, how will you ever find out? Does it even matter at this point?


Does anything?


Because let’s face it, the water taps are going to dry up in hours or days, and you live in a metropolitan area along with two million other people, and pretty much all of them will be on the hunt for drinking water, same as you. And almost none of them are prepared to purify raw water. And without pressure, there are no more flushing toilets, no way to carry waste of any kind out of the city. Which means it’s time to leave.


But where will you go? Maybe you own a gun, and maybe you think you’ll hunt for food. But the other two (or five or seven or fifteen) million people have the same idea, they’re headed out of town in all directions, on roads not built to convey so much traffic, and by the way there is no longer a real or implied police presence. You’re on your own. The air is choked with smoke from impact sites of airliners that crashed minutes after the event. Pharmacies have been looted for opiates and insulin and antibiotics. Whole city blocks are ablaze. Everyone is on foot or on bicycles or basic motorbikes. Occasionally you hear the engine of an old pickup or VW bus, vintage vehicles not dependent on computers to run. Maybe you own one of these suddenly valuable vehicles. What do you do when the gas tank runs dry? How do you stop someone with a gun from stealing it?


Besides, you probably don’t own one of these cars. You’re the walking dead. Because even if you survive the initial journey, if you get away from the city, there’s not enough game to feed your family. You’re not a very good shot and waste most of your rounds not killing the rabbit you happened to spot behind that clump of weeds. Your mouth is parched. Your children are desperate. They can’t walk any farther. You sit down and make camp and then, miraculously, rain begins to fall. You’re so thirsty. Only you have no way to capture all those precious drops that don’t fall into your hands or your mouth. And now your book of matches is ruined.


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Richard Cox was born in Odessa, Texas, and now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His newest novel is House of the Rising Sun. Richard has also published The Boys of Summer, Thomas World, The God Particle, and Rift. He’s written for This Land Press, Oklahoma Magazine, and TheNervousBreakdown.com.

When he’s not writing or reading, Richard loves spending time with his wife and two girls. And hitting bombs.

He also wrote this bio in third person as if writing about someone else. George likes his chicken spicy!


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