Wednesday, July 29, 2020


"White has us cheering on his Texas sisters as they struggle against suffocating social strictures."   

I reviewed A Saint from Texas (Bloomsbury) by Edmund White for Lone Star Literary Life. 

"While White’s novel is a comedy of manners—the multiple, ongoing culture clashes are laugh-aloud funny—it is also a deep dive into character. The twins are complete in their rendering on the page, and their development is simultaneously a joy and a calamity. Yvonne and Yvette experiment, learning hard-won truths about their sexualities, priorities, compulsions, strengths, and weaknesses. Yvonne’s often bawdy voice belies a lifelong battle between the superficial and creeping self-awareness, which White balances exquisitely; while Yvette’s crucible and abnegation are rooted in tragedy, a guilt not her own."

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