Wednesday, February 12, 2020


“With her hot-pink hair, light dusting of freckles, and luminous green eyes, [Genny] looks like a very pissed-off version of Strawberry Shortcake …”

I reviewed We, the Wildflowers (Spencer Hill Press) by Texas's L. B. Simmons for Lone Star Literary LifeWe, the Wildflowers is a harrowing story of damaged youth and gut-wrenching violence, redeemed by empowerment, the benediction of forgiveness (of others and ourselves), discovery of commonalities, and celebration of differences. The Wildflowers are more than the sum or their parts, stronger together.

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  1. If you have a teenager at home, this book is meant to be shared with them, after you experience the book first on your own. But whatever you do, DO NOT MISS READING THIS BOOK!