Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review: STILLWATER by Melissa Lenhardt

I recently reviewed Stillwater (Skyhorse Publishing) by Melissa Lenhardt for Lone Star Literary Life. It's the first in a smart, fun new mystery series. From the review:
Jack McBride’s wife, Julie, has up and disappeared, abandoning McBride and their son, Ethan (“the proof they had once been in love and happy would walk in the room, ear buds in, the musty, sour smell of puberty following him like the contrail of a jet.”). Needing a fresh start, McBride has left his position with the Dallas FBI office and moved to the sleepy East Texas town of Stillwater with thirteen-year-old Ethan, to accept a position as chief of police. Stillwater has a freakishly low crime rate until McBride arrives to encounter murder, a fifty-year-old cold case, blackmail, rumors of the previous chief’s long-standing corruption, racketeering — and that’s just the first week.
To read the entire review please click here. Thanks!

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