Thursday, August 6, 2015


I'm super excited today to announce a new giveaway: PRETTY ENOUGH FOR YOU (Texas Review Press) by Cliff Hudder! The lovely people at LONE STAR BOOK BLOG TOURS (brought to you by Lone Star Literary Lifehave generously provided a copy for this contest. I reviewed this rollicking debut novel for Lone Star Literary Life's August 2nd edition. You can read that review here. A brief excerpt:

Harrison Bent is a self-absorbed, adolescent middle-aged ne’er-do-well immigration attorney in love with a twentysomething paralegal, married to a Filipino au pair who needed citizenship, with a girlfriend-stalker, whose philosophy is go-along-to-get-along. Playing hooky from responsibility, marinating in rum-Vicodin-Xanax cocktails and lying to his therapist, Bent is assigned a new case. “I knew I was not equipped to deal with the Leudecke case. I also knew I wouldn’t turn it down or hand it off to somebody better suited … what background did I have in eminent domain? Or with Mexican drug dealers? Or dead Mexican drug dealers?” Bent’s also deficient in pyromaniacs, witches, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, but he gets a crash course.

Entering the contest is easy: you must -
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The contest begins NOW and ends at midnight August 11th. I'll announce the winner on August 13th. Good luck y'all!


  1. I desire to be entered into this contest. Please.

  2. I desire to enter as well. I have been a Hudder fan since reading his award winning novella SPLINTERSVILL. It was one of the most extraordinary and entertaining books I have ever read. Very unique. PRETTY ENOUGH FOR YOU shows the depth and range of Hudder. It employs the same witty dark and delicious style, but IN a completely different time and backdrop. You will love following the darkly flawed and tortured main character as he strives to deal with his own professional (a term that does not really fit him) and personal endeavors in a Houston environment that, page after page, delightfully unique and sometimes bizarre players come to light. I can't wait for the film version! Don't miss this read!!!

  3. You know I love books! One more on my nightstand would fit right in!

    1. Hey Karen Harford - you're the winner of a copy of PRETTY ENOUGH FOR YOU by Cliff Hudder! Look for it in your mail soon. Thanks for playing!