Sunday, June 8, 2014

Love Poems

Love Poems, Charles Bane, Jr.
Aldrich Press
$12.60, 32 pgs

What a relief: an unabashed, blessedly un-ironic, celebration of the terrifying vulnerability that, ultimately, makes us strong. Love Poems by Charles Bane, Jr. is a slim volume brimming with nuanced forms of love - agape, eros, ludus, philautia, philia, pragma. There are twenty-seven poems here: epistolary, monologue, elegy, ode. In free verse, these works are often elemental, frequently featuring forms of water. What better metaphor for love than an element that sustains, nourishes, and transports? This poet experiences love as sacred, as the surest way we know to approach the infinite divine. In an unfortunate sign of this painfully self-conscious, irony-choked age, to earnestly attend to love is an act of bravery.

My favorites:

You A Certain Chord

You a certain chord or
movement of a dance as
you crash in a tide and spill
like music or drugs into blood
and we down onto sheets,
your hair in kapok roots and
I think what bird is this, with
wings outspread, crying under me?

As Einstein Pedaled

As Einstein pedaled his
bicycle in wide and wider arcs
and laughed among the multitudes
of pi, did he sense what
you and I discovered too,
that there is a great unsaid
and you alone with me walk the wildness
of its storms? Its circumference is garlanded
around your head and granaries
of unborn stars are sifted through the
hands, and my love, I fall.
I fall.
I fall unbordered and
unwound as time
and surrounding like snow.

Charles Bane, Jr. has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including First Literary Review East and The Montucky Review. His first book is The Chap Book, Poems by Charles Bane, Jr.

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