Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Texas Tuesday

The London School of Economics Review of Books names Monkeywrench Books and Resistencia Bookstore as must-visit bookshops for academics:
...Academics must visit these bookshops in South Texas, USA: “a vibrant and growing literary community anchored by some of the leading Latino/a writers in the United States” [they have the geography a little wonky - oh well...]

From the article: 
Another local radical reading location in Austin is MonkeyWrench Books, a bookstore collective focusing on economic and social justice literature that has been open for twelve years. The entirely volunteer-led and -run bookstore is an active intellectual space and café, where readings, screenings, poetry, performances and community organizing happen regularly. All the decisions about MonkeyWrench are made through collective, consensus decision-making, which has opened up ways for members to innovate individual projects and shape the direction of the bookstore. For example, one member, Rocío Villalobos, started tabling Monkeywrench Books at the city’s Farmers Market and other events as a way to be more engaged with the larger community and make books more accessible to people who don’t know about the bookstore or live close enough to stop by.

In the 1980s, small bookstores like Resistencia Bookstore in Austin were so much more than shops; they were cultural centers for organizing, political protest, and education. Late poet Raúl Salinas, opened the bookstore to distribute educational and political literature and create a performance space for Chicano/a and Native American cultural arts. Today this small gem, continues to be a hub for Latino/a poets and writers and a space for revolutionary readings. It is getting ready to turn a new page in its history as it moves to its new location in Austin next month.
Resistencia's reopening is this Friday, April 11, at 7:00 pm with Rosemary Catacalos.

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