Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April is National Poetry Month, Day 8

by Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth, from Looking for the Horse Latitudes (Host Publications, 2007).

“Lord, it is time. The Summer was too long,”
said Rilke.
Last night's and this morning's rains
have changed the look of things.
They have filtered through their narrow apertures.
They have seeped into their deepest substance.

Time in one's eyes,
the world now wet, dreams vanish,
washed away by the sky's early brilliance.
Once again imaginable,
after months of drought,
are rivers deep with sunken boulders,
seas stirred up by fickle winds,
dark, horizontal clouds,
even gigantic sheets of ice.

The hooded sky somberly threatens,
and white clots
of fertilizing liquids and rosy fragrances,
with their wonder, vivify
the stamping of beasts in the stable
of this nostalgic time that is my lordship.

Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth is a retired professor from The University of Texas at Austin's Spanish and Portuguese department. The former editor of the Texas Quarterly, he is also a respected writer, translator, and poet.

Thanks to Humanities Texas.

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