Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April is National Poetry Month, Day 16

Texas Ruby Reds
By Kay L. Cox

These South Texans weather
storms with dignity and grace.
They hold on when dancing in the wind,
bask in the hot sun,
celebrate the rain when it falls
and rest when the moon is full.
Some appear quite tough,
their sweetness hidden so deep
one needs to dig to enjoy the succulent center.
Some are better taken with a grain of salt.
Others go best with a shot of tequila.
Look on a laughing tree for fruit
with pebbled skin, a ruby blush
and a sweet open heart.

Kay L. Cox is a member of the Gulf Coast Poets, the Poetry Society of Texas, Spectrum Writers Guild, the Austin Poetry Society, and the Galveston Poets’ Roundtable. Kay has had work in several issues of the Texas Poetry Calendar.

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