Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 28th, is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. As children we are fed a bunch of fairy tales about pilgrims and "Indians." Ignore that. We will gather tomorrow in small groups and large, family, friends and possibly a couple of total strangers from our third trip to the supermarket because my sister can't say "No" to anyone. She is kindhearted. I will spend tomorrow with people I love, people I like, people I can take or leave, and a few that could disappear into the nearest hole in the ground and no one would notice. There will be old folks, middle-aged folks (that would be me), young folks, a few small children and a couple of babies. According to my calculations, at any one time there could be as many as 30 people in the house. There will be a couple of loved ones we'll miss this year, my father and my Uncle Chad; both gone too soon, only a month apart.


The menu: turkey, ham, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, giblet gravy, corn, green beans, asparagus, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, butterscotch pie and strawberry cheesecake. As I left to come home this evening Grandma Jimmie had her head stuck in the fridge muttering about cookie dough. 

After we're all so stuffed we can't move it'll be time for football. The Aggies took off for another conference last year with their tails between their legs. This year we'll stomp on Tech.

Hook 'em!

Here's wishing a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

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