Saturday, May 18, 2013

Children's Book Week 2013 - Trixie Belden

It's Day 6 of Children's Book Week 2013 and my pick for today is the Trixie Belden mystery series. I never was much for Nancy Drew, my girl was Trixie Belden. There are thirty-nine books in the series, written between 1948 and 1986. The series was completely out of print for many years but Random House began releasing titles again in 2003, although some are still hard to find. I suggest scouring your local used bookstores or you can find them on ebay and other such sites. The first title is Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion.

Trixie is a teenage girl living on a farm in the Hudson Valley of New York with her three brothers. Shy lonely rich girl Honey Wheeler moves into the estate next door and she and Trixie become fast friends. Trixie and Honey and their brothers and friends form a secret club and solve cases ranging from right next door; to New York City; a Navajo reservation in Arizona; and the banks of the Mississippi. There are many adventures and some pretty smart mysteries.

There is often a competitiveness between Trixie Belden fans and Nancy Drew fans. Trixie fans love to claim a more realistic character who has trouble with math and too often has to babysit her little brother. While she is not traipsing around Istanbul admiring the carpets, it is very waspy in here. I didn't know what that term meant in the the sixth grade and the differences in the world in which these stories are set and our present surroundings have multiplied exponentially since I was twelve. But I don't think younger readers will mind. They'll be too busy looking for the missing emeralds or wondering why there's a light tonight in that spooky abandoned lighthouse or wishing that witch would stop whispering because we're eavesdropping outside this window and really really can't hear quite well enough.....oops!


  1. I read a ton growing up, but I never read this series. It sounds like something I would have liked! Found you on blogaholic and following you now. If you get the chance come visit me at

  2. Count me in the Trixie Camp!