Sunday, April 21, 2013

Poem-a-Day for National Poetry Month, #21

The level  

A great balance hangs in the sky
and briefly on the black pan
and on the blue pan, the melon
of the moon and the blood orange
of the sun are symmetrical
like two unmatched eyes glowing
at us with one desire.

This is an instant's equality,
a level that at once
starts to dip. In spring
the sun starts up its golden
engine earlier each dawn.
In fall, night soaks
its dye into the edges of day.

But now they hang, two bright
balls teasing us to balance
the halves of our brain, need
and will, gut and intellect,
you and me in an instant's grace—
understanding no woman, even
Gaia, can always make it work.

Marge Piercy


  1. You have beautiful Blog. Even tho I'm not a book geek, however, I love having book and I do read sometimes too :). Keep in touch. I found you on blogaholic so I came to say hi and followed ya. Would be nice if you'd follow me so we can keep in touch :)

  2. I would like to introduce myself. I am part of your family, although we have only met briefly. I work for your "Other Mother" at Surety and we are both proud graduates of CCHS, Class of 1978. I have heard all about you from her and from your little sis. I hear we have much, much, in common. Also, I understand that you may be moving back home. Hurry up, we need more "readers" here, who love excellent literature. I love your blog, and realize by watching it that I am WAY behind on my reading. Daughter reads voraciously also. We often read and discuss. We like award winning fiction best, but for a year, we have been stuck on Tudors....started with Wolf Hall and continued.